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How Much Should A Guy Be Earning Before Thinking Marriage? 2


Talking about starting small and building a family from scratch as we saw in part 1 of this article, read it (here). I find it interesting to know that even starting small too is a relative term among graduates.

This is because to one, starting a family with a monthly income of 50,000 is starting small, to another starting small means starting from 100,000, to yet another starting small means at least 200,000.

I know of a man who caters for three kids and a house wife with a take home of 40,000 from his job in a factory. His first child attends a private primary school and the second would join soon.

That’s impressive, isn’t it? Well, he owes almost two years rent for his one-room apartment in a BQ, he hasn’t paid light bill during the same period, he always borrows his salary before he receives it, off course you know there are private schools and there are private schools…

His life as a husband and father has been like this from day one; he has settled for this type of life and prefers to live in perpetual hope that one day things will become good.

Not many young people can face life as a family man without some level of financial security, this has nothing to do with lack of faith in God.

As far as those kind of individuals are concerned, it is better to be broke and battered alone with a hope that things would come good someday and marriage will eventually follow than making kids they’re not financially man-enough to call their own thereby living life at the mercy of benefactors.

No level of earning could really be sufficient to start a family except you have plan it. The acceptance of this simple fact makes the wisdom in waiting for a 30 billion break before considering marriage unnecessary.

If a guy, having met all other requirements for marriage, desires to marry then an income that could take care of the basic things of life and comes in on regular basis with proper planning and budgeting is enough financial security to start a family.

It is not how much you earn that matters but how wisely you utilize the little you are earning. The house, the cars, the cinemas and vacation can wait until you’ve grown enough to afford them.

An inquiry into the back-story of some well-to-do families would reveal incredible narratives of humble beginnings. You will learn a moral lesson that success doesn’t happen overnight.

Get a woman who buys into your philosophy of life and would relentlessly support you as you both grow, not one who is only good for show-off and not as a help meet.

Guys, it is wisdom to go for your class of a woman, failure to marry a woman according to your level is the root of heartaches in many families. It is good to have the picture of a good life but is better to understand that series of smaller stages would eventually culminate in the big life.

Start where you are now. Plan, prepare and execute. Growth would naturally follow if only you start from where you are now.

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