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The Jealous Girlfriend and Her Cheating Boo


They both cuddled up on the bed muttering words only the both of them could understand.Upon an internal alert, he dashed out of bed, his towel wound round his waist the way married men in my village do in the morning. He finally honoured nature’s call to urinate after stretching his bladder beyond its capacity.

His phone rang. The gods are about to break the lid over his Cassanova lifestyle. The moment has come for her to confirm her suspicion. She didn’t take the call – They had earlier argued about a girl whom she felt was getting thisclose to her boo. He papered over the crack as always but this time she made sure she got few details about the caller for future reference purpose.

The same girl calling that early in the day, there has to be something more than the school boy lie he told the other time. Red with rage, she waited impatiently for him. She adjusted the edges of her night gown as she dash here and there in the room. She stood still,staring eye to eye as he emerges from the bathroom. “Bukky’s husband!!!” she began to shout in Yoruba, tapping her “O” shaped mouth with the palm of her right hand repeatedly. A cacophony of Woo-woo-woo, the way Nigerian women do when they mock you, filled the air.

Oblivious of what had happened, John was returning to resume what they had going alas, he met Tonia on beast mode.

“So it’s you and Bukky now”
“Didn’t you tell her you have a girlfriend?”
“What business does she have with you?”
She asked all sorts of probing questions

Bukky was supposed to be Sam’s girlfriend but the position Sam takes whenever He and Bukky are with John would give anyone the impression that he was a middle man between Bukky and John.
No one could really tell the truth as many jaw-dropping relationship blockbusters unfold in this city daily.

Are you saying Bukky and I are dating? John asked, his shoulders slightly raised in amazement as though there was no trace of truth in what Bukky was saying. “I don’t know for you!” Tonia replied hands akimbo and bouncing on one leg the way Nigeria women do to their show readiness for a fight.

“I will go and warn John, he should tell his girl never to call you this early in the day. Are you not the one that is friend to Sam? Why should Bukky be calling you… ” she continued her rant. She wasn’t having any breakthrough in getting John to admit his offence, She dashed to Sam’s house, which is just in front of John’s, Sam wasn’t indoor. That saved the embarrassment such action would have brought Sam and John, two very close friends.

She returned to John aggressively.”God saved you he’s not around, I would have showed him madness”. She would cease every chance she gets subsequently to torment John with words like “Bukky’s husband how are you”, “Bukky’s husband I’m hungry”.

Unknown to her John had used the brief moment she left the room to call Bukky. The arrangement was that Bukky would call to say she’d wanted to speak with Tonia through John’s phone since she didn’t have her number. Talk about conspiracy of the highest order.
Everything was now playing out for John’s favour. Sam learnt about Tonia’s rare visit from neighbors and decided to come see her. When you’d have expected the best of Tonia’s madness she lied that she’d only come to say hello to Sam. Sam’s silence revealed shock rather than gratitude, he left the room without saying a word.

Tonia’s anger was beginning to subside. This is not because her boo was innocent; it’s not the first time John would be apprehended for cheating she only needed John to explain thoroughly to her, that way she’d feel valued and respected. Unknown to her this gives John permission to go on cheating after all, an apology with a trip to Tantalizer is all that’s needed to get things back to normal. For some strange reasons John wasn’t ready to explain anything this time.

Bukky called moments later. Tonia had seen she was the one calling John, this prompted her anger to resuscitate one last time. John took the call, “hello” he said with a tone seeking vindication. “she’s here”, “ok”. These were the only words he spoke as he handed the phone to Tonia.
Bukky lied that she’d wanted to ask Tonight to help her get some wears from the market since Tonia buys at wholesale price.
“You’d have asked him to give you my number so you speak with me directly” Tonia replied, one could sense remorse in her voice “I was already angry ooo”, “I was like why will you be calling my guy this early morning”. Even in her remorse she made her original concern known.

The right to be mad has changed hands. John could be as mad as he wants now. He’s been vindicated technically but Tonia is deceived, yet again. She spent the rest of the day trying to appease John with all sorts of “sacrifices”. And John is enjoying himself acting like an indifferent boy whose mum is trying to bribe with a toy he doesn’t need just to allow her go to work.

The Jealous Girlfriend and Her Cheating Boo
© Caleb Osatofo Imhangbe


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