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Essential Truths Ladies Should Know About Dating Introverts

dating an introvert
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Dating an introvert could be a emotionally draining task when there is no understanding.

An introvert doesn’t see anything out of place in delaying to react to a question meant to embarrass him until he’s thought out a befitting answer and he’ll most likely deem it  unnecessary to react by the time he’s found a befitting response where as his counterpart, with lesser control over his emotions, would most likely react on the spot, not caring whose ox is gore…

An introvert would rather lock himself up in his room all day busy over a novel or googling random stuffs and entering the results in his notepad… He’d rather attend a book show at a registration fee of NGN5000 instead of attending a birthday bash that promises free food, drinks and sex… But in all these, an introvert never forgets your birthday or other important days to you… Welcome to the extraordinary life of an introvert!!!

You may have wondered why an introvert is so odd. Why doesn’t he seem to enjoy what every other guy his age will donate a kidney just to have a crumb of, even if he gets it on a platter of gold? he should really be tagged as odd.

The reason for this slow and cold approach to life isn’t far-fetched; an introvert gets his energy from the time spent alone doing things a his counterpart would call boring… but for Mysterious Introvert, that’s the only way to recharge batteries after series of energy depleting brain tasks.

Think about stuffs like staying awake to catch a glimpse of a shooting star on a night sky, waiting at the river bank to get a panoramic view of the sun fading into the evening cloud or waking up early in the morning to capture its grand emergence, reading diverse poetic anthologies or a bulky novel with intricate story line too sketchy to arouse the interest of regular guy talk less of getting engrossed in it, watching a bird weave its net, observing a flower bud overtime, a book on philosophy or psychology, just anything unusual enough to discourage a happy-go-lucky guy, these are the very things an introvert find exciting; see why he’s so unique…

dating an introvert
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Why would anyone choose to fall in love with a guy too gentle to say hello!!!, who prefers silence to a chitchat with a pretty girl while they both waited to board the next bus at a bus station… why would anyone want to go out with a guy who is too mystic to openly express the feelings of affection deep seated in his heart even when he’s visibly tormented by his unexpressed emotions… a guy who wouldn’t give his treasured heart to anyone except there is a level of assurance that that person has potential to be some kind fuel for his melancholic tendencies…  That guy is most likely an introvert, a darling to the extrovert opposite gender.


Sometimes the assurances he wants come yet an introvert is  too spiritual to own up to his emotions verbally; he’d rather express himself behind the veil of some beautifully crafted love pieces which leaves you wondering every time if the person who is tongue-tied to express himself is the same person writing that deep… An introvert prefers to pour all his energy into the piece, something he’s not too free to do verbally.

These incredible mix of attributes do not make the introvert the popular choice for a spontaneous date or love at first sight… his life is too ordered for such a unplanned occurrence.

Because of these tendencies, the average introvert appears in public eye as someone with a severe psychological challenge that needs urgent attention if he wants to have a fulfilling relationship/marriage…but an introvert is the best lover you can find around.

Dating an introvert
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An introvert is as strong or as weak as any other temperament out there. He might have his extremely weird side just like his counterpart; these do not in any way make him weak, if anything, they prove the massive potential that lies within him that you must help his unearth…

How do you begin to talk about our world today without mentioning the notable contributions of world changers like Albert Einstein (Science), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sunny Ade (Music), Barack Obama (Leadership), Steve Wozniak (Apple), Adele (Music), Larry Page (Google), Chinua Achebe (Literature), Sam Adeyemi (Speaker), Steven Spielberg (Actor), Isaac Newton (Science), Eleanor Roosevelt (Leadership), Abraham Lincoln (Leadership), JK Rowling (Writer), Warren Buffet (Investor/Philanthropist, Dr Seuss (Writer), , Mahatma Gandhi (Leadership), Elon Musk (Paypal) and their likes who are all introverts… the most profound piece of art (book/ music/architecture/ painting) ever is most likely done by an introvert – only him have that inner energy and focus to conceive such outstanding of innovations.

Imagine that same energy dedicated into loving you and you still fear things might not work…

Introverts, like every human thrive on emotional support. The best you can do to that special one in your life is to support him in the journey of nurturing his usually outlandish dreams until delivery.

The life of an introvert could be an emotional roller-coaster; he could experience ups and downs in extreme and needs someone to stand with him through bad times and good times. How blessed is the lady on account of whom such investment is recorded, she will reap the rewards of that effort and the world will thank you for it!!!


You might have known introverts to be rigid, principled to a fault, snobbish, a loner, awkward, too smart for his own good and every other negative adjective you can find for someone who is not given to outward show of emotions according to the world’s definition of it but an introvert also loves to go to the movies, he enjoys taking a walk around the neighborhood in the cool of the day and he’d certainly enjoy weekend work out sessions with someone special.

An introvert could be very romantic but as long as the search for that special person continues at a snail’s pace he’ll continue to enjoy his addiction to his stereotypical lifestyle.

When an introvert finds someone special he is more than ready to deny himself the strongest cravings of his heart until that special one have been found reliable and worthy of being a part of the future of his dream but once she’s been proven worthy of a place in his impenetrable heart everything about his life would literally revolve around her.

As tough as an introvert might appear, he wants to be understood and regarded as other human being. He earnestly desires to be seen as the simple and easy going person, which he actually is at heart, though his reticent lifestyle and withdrawn personality negate this.

An introvert seldom makes any attempt to do things that would make people see him the way he prefers to be seen – flexibility is not his greatest strength but individuality. An attempt to be flexible wouldn’t even stop people from identifying him with the introverted personality he wears about, talk about the struggles of a melancholic introvert – a leopard cannot hide from its spot!!!

Introverts are among the most empathetic counselors and teachers around. They find fulfillment in helping people attain the greatest height in career, their business and relationship. An introvert is among the most committed and responsible lovers you will ever find; once he is into you, he’ll be willing to go the extra mile in convincing you of his love for you beyond every doubt.

Does an introvert worth all the patience and understanding a relationship with him requires?

Yes, he does worth it, and more!!!

You may find the ride rough and bumpy in the early stage. Give it a little time to grow through several clashes of personality just like raw gold passing through the refinement of fire. Once you come through the fire successfully, it would be harvest of joy and comfort; happily ever after.

Here is to all the ladies out there putting in loads work trying work out a winning stroke for their beloved…

I will be excited to read your opinion about about introverts and relationship in comments.


  1. I love this post. You have captured the personality of the introverts, their strengths and weaknesses. I happen to be an introvert, so I can relate with everything here. The bottom line is that despite knowing we are weak in some areas, there is always room for self-improvement. It’s not denying who we are but changing what we know we can change. Thank you Sir

    • Thanks so much Patience!!!

      I couldn’t have captured the introvert so well if I were not one myself…
      Other temperaments have their weaknesses and strength too. We just need to use our area of strength to complement the weakness of our partner and vice versa.

  2. Like you have rightly said, understanding temperaments and individual uniqueness is not using people’s weaknesses against them but learning to relate with people and helping them be the best.


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