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Why Some Ladies Go After Guys In Serious Relationship

Serial Dating Among Ladies

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In this post I will be talking about the unusual practice of ladies having extra romantic affairs.

Seeing a lady desperately go after a guy not minding whether he is in a serious relationship or married kind of make the issue of serial dating in guys look like something acceptable because in the case of serial dating the original girlfriend is usually not aware of her partner’s infidelity.

Everything run underground and once rumors of the secret life of the unfaithful boyfriend begin to make the rounds or when he is caught in the act, he risks losing his original relationship.

There is a little sanity in serial dating, even though that doesn’t justify it, anyways.

The narrative have changed these days!!!

There are ladies who would do anything to get into a relationship with a guy even though they know he is in a serious relationship with another lady. Some may even know the other lady personally. Talk about desperation…

Of course there are guys who’d woo a lady everyone, including themselves, know is in a serious relationship. They would brag about being skillful enough to break a thriving relationship.

This is where ladies need to be in control of their emotions with respect to how they interact with guys when they’re in a serious relationship.

Ladies do extra romantic affair for different reasons some of which include:

  1. They belief they would be a better lover
  2. They already have a crush on the guy, so dating becomes a way of bringing the ‘crushing’ home.
  3. They do it as an escape route from abusive relationship
  4. They do it to prove that they have the power to get whoever they want regardless of the situation around it
  5. They believe they deserve the guy more than who he is with
  6. They do it in the name of dating game

On and on the reasons for multiple dating go, but none is acceptable in a morally sane society.

The Craze for “Baby mama” is another reason for this anomaly, especially when the guy in question is a celebrity.

Bearing the baby mama title is now one of the ways to become a topic of national discourse overnight.

A good number of ladies would personally do all they can including tricking, blackmailing, fighting, killing and slandering just to get themselves pregnant for a celebrity; many of whom have the fame and the money but lack the character to live a responsible life.

She won’t give a heck about character or lifestyle, all she wants is to get herself registered as a beneficiary to a big boy’s riches and fame. She would accept to be side chick number 10, provided she would become a beneficiary of his riches.

These reasons also apply with an everyday guy plus a lady may multiple-date a guy as a form of investment if he is perceived as someone who has potential of making it big at some point in his life, he fits into his ideal guy in terms of appearance, social life and little perks her main guy doesn’t posses.

I understand that people go into relationship for many different reasons; sex, money, procreation, companionship and whatever else but a person of virtue would not go into relationship for the sake of sex and money, outside of marital commitment.

People get hurt, battered and shattered from relationships without real commitment and their minds and opinions get shaped by the ugly experiences they had from multiple dating.

The guys come out accusing all ladies of being the same, only after their money and the ladies come out with a general conclusion that guys are only after their bodies… not knowing that all along they were scooping live coals into their bosoms and what they experienced are the scars from the resultant burns of multiple dating

What many young people do today in the name of exploring their youthfulness is like playing with live coals and at the same time hoping they don’t get burnt… They will unfailingly get you burnt, you choose whether to allow yourself get burnt or not.


Why do you think  a lady would date a guy she already knows is in a serious relationship… Share in comment section.


  1. I know of three reasons at least:

    1st, some girls thinks they can always have what they want irrespective of the situation around it

    2nd, if the guy is rich, some girls don’t even want to know if he’s married, that one nor concern them, they will tell you their focus is the money and not if he’s in a serious relationship or not, it’s not their concern

    thirdly, Some humans are excessively emotional, to the extent they allow their emotions control them instead of them having control over their emotions. Such person falls in love with a guy, she will tell you she doesn’t care if the man is terribly in love with another woman, so long she satisfies her emotions she will not rest


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