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My Epic Breakup With My Girlfriend of Three Years

You must read this if you are in a long distance relationship

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This epic breakup story was shared by a reader who prefers to be anonymous. I believe there are lessons to be learnt from it, just as the sharer learnt not to keep at a relationship if there are uncleared doubts in his mind.


I graduated from the university 4 years ago though I’m still working to be fully established, based in Lagos.
I broke up with my girl few weeks back, though it was a painful, it was the best decision for both of us at that point.

She is a final year student in one university in Ekiti state. I always beg her to let me know if she’s not ready for something serious because I don’t want to waste my time building a relationship with someone who will end up walking away at the end of the day.


She’ll get angry every time I ask that question and be giving me plenty reasons why she’s serious however, I have always doubted her commitment.

So I decided to invite her over in one of her long holiday, she stayed almost 2 weeks with me, that was when her messy secret life was busted.

This was how it all happened.
I sneaked into her private life bruh, what I found was messy. Maybe what I did wasn’t the best advisable, but I had my doubts and they turned out to be true. So I couldn’t care less.

You won’t believe this girl has been cheating on me with about 3 other guys, how could that be? I mean she always assured me that it was going to be she and I.

I did screen shots of her messy conversations, I sent it to my phone and then deleted it from hers. I couldn’t stop wondering why she had to always tell me she’s with me when she probably never was.

I was mad, but somehow, I managed to keep my cool until the end of the Hollywood script that our relationship had been.

I decided to take her out later in that evening and what a nice time we had out. I didn’t allow her suspect anything. I gave her small alcohol, and we had moments of truth. Yeah, we did. It was the end of a relationship that had enough promise.

We shared our dreams and aspirations, I put extra effort in sketching the kind of future I planned to have with her so she would know what she’d miss when I’m gone!

Two days later, we went out again, we discussed further on what we shared two nights earlier. We talked about her goals, when we’ll most likely get married and all that… 😁
I just wanted her to have a deep feeling of how much she has messed up after all the trust I placed on her.

Like four days after I did the screen shot, we had a little argument. I sent her a WhatsApp message even though  we were together in the room. I told her that I’m done with her, that I’m sorry I sneaked into her private life, but I needed to do it to clear my head. I didnt send the screen shots to her yet. I’ve not mustered the courage to rub it on her face.

The time was about 9pm, she left the room and headed towards an unknown direction. I had to follow her so she doesn’t go and commit herself. It was not easy mehn.
I was able to calm her down after some time. She followed me back home and then started making attempt to get back me. She railed all sorts of insults on me. I kept mute, I was just looking because I had her secrets with me. I’ve not send the screenshots then.
I allowed her to rant and free her mind. When I she finished the whole rant, I decided to send the screenshots
She started another round of crying immediately she saw them.

She was like, I am wicked, that I could kill her, how could I have kept that kind of stuff on my mind for 4 good days and could still summon the kindness to be taking her out
she was like, what was I thinking..

I could not sleep that night. She cried her eyes sore though I never stop petting her. She concluded, the best thing we could do was to go our seperate ways because she knows she’s messed up already and that I’ll always refer to the event in the future and she can’t be happy with that. She said she’ll be like a slave to me because she’ll have to always do everything to please me.

My spirit was lightened when she altered those words mehn. Like every mature breakup we agreed to become good friends.
Emotions almost had an edge over me at this point. We’re still in touch till date.

The relationship lasted for three years.
Her parting words was “I’ve never seen anyone who could handle such a situation the way you did” I still gave her money for transport when she left the following day, more than I would give her on a normal day. I just wanted to make sure my acts were clean, she still respects me for the maturity with which I handled the whole situation.

I smell jealousy anytime I tell her about other girls but that’s not my problem anyways, its hers, but I’m back to square one again. I hope this experience will help me make a better choice this time.

What a mature way to end a relationship of three years. Kindly share your thoughts on this story or cheating in relationships generally…leggo!!!


  1. Comment: I like how he was calm. Though I’ll never break up and stay in the same vicinity with the other party. People can do all sorts when distressed.

  2. Hmmmmmm. To me, the girl couldn’t have ended it like that. Mistakes are inevitable but your willingness to make it right matters. She couldn’t be a slave if she carry herself in sincerity. Change and repentance is still at workooo. I see she wasn’t ready for a complete turn around. Kudos to the guy, his level of maturity is rare.

    • It was the guy who actually asked for a breakup. You know, it couldn’t be called a mistake if it happened continually.

      I think by being a slave she meant she’d have to be doing everything to please dude, and at every opportunity, he’s most likely to remind her of her past. That’s the slavery. Forgiveness in such matter is easier said than done, you know.

      Thanks for sharing your view, Awesome


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