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15 Unique Characteristics of a Truly Godfearing Spouse

Run for your life if your "godly" spouse doesn't have them

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He/she must be godfearing. That is the most likely response you’ll get when you ask anyone who has a genuine intention to get married the most important characteristic they look for in a potential spouse.


Proverbs 31:30 gave us a peep into why the presence of a godfearing woman is invaluable in a man’s life especially IF the man is godfearing himself.

It says “Charm (confidence, courage, boldness, charisma) is deceptive, and beauty (sexiness, nice curves, fabulous back and daring front) does not last; but a woman who fears the LORD will be greatly praised (blessed).

In the same vein, Psalm 112 mirrors the core characteristics of a godfearing man.
It began with “Praise the LORD! How blessed is the man who fears the LORD, Who greatly delights in His commandments”.

Why is “godfearing” so important a criterion when choosing a spouse even among those who’re not godfearing?

Every guy or lady of marriage age out there want someone who exemplifies discretion in actions and independence in decisions as a potential spouse.

However, this doesn’t happen until the fear of God is the driving force in a person’s life.
A man/woman shouldn’t be called “wise” IF his wisdom isn’t borne out of the fear of God.

Relationship and eventually marriage is a lot more interesting when both partners have the fear of God central to their heart.

Though being godfearing may have something to do with regular church attendance but contrary to the erroneous thinking of many young people, it is not everyone who attends church that is godfearing.

What then are the unique characteristics of a truly godfearing spouse?

1. A man/woman who fears the Lord is born again
2. A man/woman who fears the LORD is consistent in character

3. He/she doesn’t base his sense of worth on clothing or jewelries but on a reputable character

4. A man/woman who fears the LORD is well spoken of by others

5.He/she hold God’s word as final authority

6. He/she is faithfully committed in serving the Lord in a service group in his church

7. A man/woman who fears the LORD practices God’s word

8. A man/woman who fears the LORD is trust worthy

9. He/she is respectful to all

10. He/she is humble and teachable

11. A man/woman who fears the LORD is prayerful

12. He/she cares for the needs of those around him

13. He/she is a responsible individual

14. He/she is a person of integrity

15. He/she does not lead you to sin

There are numbers of things make two distinct individuals of opposite gender find each other attractive: knowledge, intelligence, colour, height, confidence, kindness, fashion sense, good command of English, temperament, etc

However, a man/woman who gives God first place in their life places “godfearing” way ahead of any other source of attraction when it comes to choosing someone who they will spend their life with.


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