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Dinner With a Married Man And The Quest For Some Freedom

Date with a married man
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A female friend shared with me her excitement after going on a date with a married man.

She took time to explain some details about her date. How  young he looks in his early 40s, how lucky he was to have made money early and marry early.

Every statement she made bothered on “early” and “so young”.

She also said few words as to how this guy (a married man, way younger than his age) admired some of her physical attributes and how the young man said my friend would have been the perfect kind of girl for him to marry had they met when he was searching.

I needed no further proofs to know that my friend, single and ready to mingle  had been flirting with a so called married man.

She obviously have dreaming of about a relationship with him. From her words she’s become quite fond of the man.

Flirtation is usually the first stage of what eventually matures into marital infidelity hence the need to draw a line in giving/receiving love and compliments  between your partner and your admirers.

This is what I believe:
A single lady has no business going out with a married man to some cozy location where the light is a blend of rioting colors unless it’s strictly for business, in which case those lightings are not suitable, or with the full knowledge and permission of the wife.

Anything order than these is a recipe for disaster both for the married man and the single lady.

My friend was moved to ask if marriage is supposed to be a cage where one is not permitted to enjoy “some freedom”.

Truth is a serious relationship doesn’t even  give you  freedom to go on date with any other guys. It places a demand on you to be accountable to the one you’re in a relationship with, ordinary relationship ooo. How much more marriage where the relationship is formalized, legalized, sanctified and publicized.

You eventually have to choose one between enjoying “some freedom” and your relationship (marriage) as you certainly cannot have both at the same time.

The craze for freedom in relationship is the reason many singles remain unmarried today as they cannot afford to be “held bound” by accountability.

You cannot be in a serious relationship (married) and live as though you’re still available to mingle, retaining the right to hang out with any guy you find appealing.

This is not saying you can’t enjoy freedom in your relationship (marriage), it’s only saying that you can’t be married (or in a committed relationship) and continue to live without expecting to be accountable to the one you’re with.



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