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Simple But Highly Effective Ideas For Dating Partners In LDR To Maintain Close Bonds

Close bond
When your love is far away

I once broke up a promising LDR with a girl because I didn’t feel there was enough close bond to sustain the relationship, deep level connection between us was minimal.

Without the bond that though we’re miles apart keeps us together at heart plus my lack of energy to build it it I knew the relationship would hit the rock.

Feelings might not be reliable when it comes to making a long term decision however they go a long way in influencing what we do and what we fail to do in our relationship.

This holiday season the challenges posed by distance tend to be more glaring,  so much that if no reassurance is given, existing close bonds become loose and relationship becomes cold and boring 💤 💤 .

This is usually the case when the babe has many guys on her trail or when the guy has an array of babes to choose from.

These tips could help build or sustain close bonds when purposely applied.

  • Make out quality time to talk without about just anything. No guidelines, no topic, no rules. Just talk! That way you build the capacity to sustain conversation for a long time
  • Let each other in on your activities. Are you going out with friends? let them know about it, are you going to be watching movies at home let them know, just let him/her know your schedule so that when you talk there won’t be off the cuff questions. Take note the idea is to reduce the effects of distance not a chance to display your jealous insecure  side
  • Write an epistle about how the day/the season would have been with their presence, do a voice note on how much you miss them etc
  • Exchange up to the minute pictures through whatsApp. This way you still share in each other’s day even though south west and south east apart.
  • Make a video call early in the day. Watch them unwrap the gift you sent, get to see the reaction on their face. Build a memory from the moment of love and sheer passion that follows.
  • Make a note of key moments of your day so you can have headlines for your late night gists.
Close bond
Beautiful bed of loneliness
  • Play online games together (I played “4 pics 1 word”  with my girl who happened to be in Benin while I was in Benue at the time).
  • Send a lovely gift and attach a handwritten note or personal autograph sent through courier, 3rd party home delivery 🚚, way bill or via someone traveling to their city.

Look a little closely and you’ll discover that all the ideas listed centre on one thing, communication.

Every time a relationship is bubbling check the quality of the communication and when it’s the other way round, check the communication still.

Everything in relationship rises and falls on the quality of communication between the two parties involves.

This is wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a fulfilling new year 2018 in advance.

Do all you possibly can to bridge the gap posed by distance and stay connected via quality communication


  1. Wow! I love this especially where you said ” everything in relationship rises and falls on the quality of the communication between the two parties involved..


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