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8 Factors Nigerian Guys May Not Tell You They Consider While Choosing A Wife

Factors Considered
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Just out of the blue, your handsome bobo for whom you’ve been getting cute baby alerts, the kind of home you will have, weekends and holidays and all those fanciful pictures started doing one kind one kind… What’s going on with boo? You’re wondering…

Today, we’ll share with our ladies some factors guys consider but won’t tell you is important to them when negotiating marriage… Take this serious as it is a product of conscious research on Nigerian Guys.

So what are these factors?

  1. Height: Not many guys will tell you now much height mean to them but deep deep down most guys want tall girls. The reason they’re not posing the question yet might just be because he’s trying to get over his concern over your height. Funny enough, many girls were found to have preference for averagely tall guys as well… This life 😁
  2. Tendency for fatness (tummy fat) : “I like her person and many things about her… But the way I am looking at her, she will get fat after childbirth… Don’t want Bae to look like my mum after childbirth” One guy said something very close to that.
  3. Your Command of English: Though we have our various languages and dialects any babe who doesn’t have the ability twist nose and voice blowing TV friendly English is at somewhat disadvantage with the average Nigeria guys… Some of the guys who require this are even bad themselves…
  4. Your Social Skills: That’s your ability to be able to relate freely with your boos friends and family. Today, “you know she’s meeting you for the first time”; tomorrow, “she’s kinda down…” my sister no guy wants to continue defending you before his goons when you don’t want to do anything personally to improve your social skills
  5. Your Boldness/Confidence Level: Few things attracts you to a guy more than your boldness or confidence. Guys like someone to wisely challenge our opinions sometimes and not a yes-yes woman… Meanwhile, boldness isn’t spelt R U D E or D I S R E S P E C T F U L
  6. Your Fashion Taste: This is defined NOT as the boxes of Gucci, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, FILA you have but your ability to make a grand statement even with simple everyday fabrics… Think Mitchell Obama
  7. Your Ability to Cook: Your man will most likely not tell you to your face but his friends and mum are aware he’s not gonna pop the question simply because Bae doesn’t know how to cook
  8. Your Neatness Level: Even a dirty guy, as in,  a very dirty and razz guy wants a woman who is a neatness freak… Who cleans her body, utensils and the house very well…
  9. Bedroom Skills: This is among the most important factors guys say they consider… I’m not surprised however, for some of us (males and females) Issa #NoMarriageNoSex thingy 💃 💃


There you’re ladies, those are some of the factors your man hindering your man from popping the most important question, as a matter of Assurance

The list is by no means exhaustive, so guys what are some of the factors you consider but for some reasons won’t tell your lady?

Let’s have them so we can help someone crush her #marriagegoal



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